10 Reasons Why You Have To See Mike Shinoda and DON BROCO Live in Manila On September 6, 2019

10.) Mike Shinoda will be performing a MINIMUM of 100 minutes. (We’re hoping that he’ll perform for 3 hours). 🤘🏽😂🤘🏽



9.) Value for money: 2 international bands at extremely reasonable ticket prices.



8.) Mike Shinoda as Fort Minor

7.) Mike Shinoda’s solo project and new material

6.) DON BROCO live

5.) More cowbell! 🐮🔔


4.) Mike Shinoda potentially performing “It’s Goin Down”


3.) Surprise guest performance/s? 😜



2.) This could be the last time we’ll be able to hear and see Linkin Park material live in the Philippines. Ever. 😭



1.) Mike Shinoda will be performing hits from Linkin Park!!

Seriously, You cannot Miss this show.

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